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Leadership And Capacity Building

invertedcomma.jpgStronger fronts for coordinated civil society education advocacy actions; along with enhanced capacities of NGOs promoting quality youth and adult education provisioning especially to vulnerable and marginalized youth and adults in youth and adult education practice, informing public policy.

Leadership and capacity building have been strategic priority areas of ASPBAE for over 20 years. It has been oriented to strengthening capacities of civil society organisations in education advocacy - advancing the right to education and lifelong learning of children, youth and adults in the Asia Pacific region.It has also been oriented to strengthening youth and adult education practice, especially to enhance the competencies of adult education practitioners among its member organisations who run education programmers benefiting marginalized and vulnerable groups and communities in the region.

As SDG 4-Education 2030 is concretised and rolled out, ASPBAE members will need to shore up capacities in understanding and analysing life-long learning policy frameworks, systems, institutional and governance arrangements. While maintaining attention to ongoing access and quality challenges in basic education in the current context, they will need to better understand and contribute to shaping the policy discourses in an expanded education agenda that includes post basic, secondary education, skills for work and life especially for youth and adults, quality teaching and learning within a lifelong learning framework - from a rights-based and social justice perspective. They also need to build deeper understanding of other SDGs – especially in areas where the goals strongly interact with education e.g. women’s empowerment, decent work, health, poverty eradication, equality, and sustainable development.

Contextualizing ASPBAE's leadership and capacity building efforts within the demands of the current period, the objectives for leadership and capacity building are envisaged as follows:


  • Enhanced capacities of national education campaign coalitions in the Asia Pacific to advance the full SDG4 - Education 2030 agenda within the wider SDGs, concretised within the specific realities and conditions of countries within the Asia Pacific region, advocating powerfully for more and better education financing and institutionalised spaces of civil society participation in education policy.
  • Deepened capacities of practitioners of youth and adult education to actively promote transformative youth and adult education work, thus contributing to the development, in their countries, of strong lifelong learning systems, especially attentive to the learning needs of marginalised children, youth, and adults.
  • A stronger voice of young people in ASPBAE’s work and advocacies, as key stakeholders in education and lifelong learning.


The Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) initiative remains a major platform upon which ASPBAE will pursue its capacity building work for education policy advocacy from 2017-2020. This work is oriented towards developing the capacities of civil society organisations – especially of national-level education campaign coalitions – in advocacy on the right to education and lifelong learning to hold governments, donors, multilateral and intergovernmental bodies and other decision-makers to account in meeting the globally-agreed commitments to education.

With 19 countries covered by the CSEF support, ASPBAE will continue to offer national and regional level demand-led, context-based capacity building support as the CSEF Regional Secretariat for the Asia Pacific.


ASPBAE’s Training for Transformation (TfT) programme is primarily oriented towards strengthening youth and adult education practice, especially to enhance the competencies of youth and adult education practitioners among ASPBAE's member organisations. As defined in ASPBAE’s Strategic Directions 2017-2020, the TfT programme activities in the period will be particularly attentive to:

  • Fostering ways that inspire and enable practitioners of youth and adult education to synthesize the lessons arising from their extensive experience and practice to help shape ASPBAE’s advocacies on youth, adult education, and lifelong learning.
  • Fostering greater engagement between practitioners of youth and adult education and education advocates in capacity building opportunities oriented to youth and adult education and LLL.
  • Mobilizing young people and women, in particular, in its leadership and capacity building activities.
  • Building and enriching a shared conceptual analysis on ‘quality’ and ‘trans-formative’ youth and adult education.


The 7th General Assembly mandated a focus on expanding ASPBAE’s youth constituency – cognizant of the large numbers of young people in the region (60% of the world’s young population) and the peculiar challenges young people face in education, development, life, and work. The General Assembly also underscored that students and youth are critical stakeholders in education and their voice and perspectives need to be more powerfully heard.

ASPBAE’s Strategic Directions 2017-2020 therefore priorities ensuring a stronger voice and agency of young people in ASPBAE’s work and advocates, as key stakeholders in education and lifelong learning. In this respect, ASPBAE looks to offer spaces for youth and youth advocates to discuss issues important to youth, to help inform and develop ASPBAE’s knowledge-base for its capacity building and advocacy efforts. Capacity building programmers ASPBAE is organizing in the period offer dedicated slots for young leaders. In the process, ASPBAE aims to develop more clearly its youth engagement principles and strategies, also deriving from the experience of youth organisations and NGOs supporting youth within ASPBAE’s membership. The 7th General Assembly prioritized reaching out to young people, especially from marginalized communities.

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