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BLDC, is a significant learning event hosted by ASPBAE for its members.

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Leadership And Capacity Building

ASPBAE's leadership and capacity-building efforts are anchored on two streams of work:

  • Capacity building for campaigns and advocacy on the right to adult education and education for all.
  • Advancing innovative, pro-poor, rights-based and gender-sensitive adult education work in the region.


invertedcomma.jpgThe BLDC aims to expand the 'leadership corps' in the Asia South Pacific region committed to the right of all to learn, and to promote the learning needs and interests of marginalized groups.The Basic Leadership Development Course, or the BLDC, is a significant learning event hosted by ASPBAE for its members. It is a 6-day residential programme and is an induction to ASPBAE's network and to adult education work.

The ASPBAE Basic Leadership Development Course provides opportunities for adult educators to-

  • Share, learn and apply adult learning principles and practices to development issues and challenges in the Asia Pacific region
  • Develop leadership skills in policy advocacy
  • Promote regional networks for adult education
  • Focus on gender awareness, regional diversity, and cultural sensitivities
  • Gain a better understanding of and develop a commitment to ASPBAE


invertedcomma.jpgASPBAE aims to build a corps of leaders in the Asia South Pacific that will take the education agenda forwardTo expand its vision to develop a wider pool of leaders in adult education, ASPBAE offers its members an intensive learning process called NeXT. NeXT is designed to build and nurture regional trainer-facilitators as well as adult education policy advocates in the Asia South Pacific region. It is an 18-month learning program with built-in opportunities for learning and gaining in-depth knowledge of ASPBAE's programs at the regional, sub-regional and national levels through a mentoring process.


While ASPBAE's work is focussed on ensuring basic and adult education in the region, it recognizes the importance of defining the components that make up good quality education and learning. ASPBAE aims to steer its thematic programmes, such as women's political participation and indigenous education, around quality standards for adult education, or benchmarks, which are rights-based, gender just, and empowering.

Through its Quality Adult Education initiative, ASPBAE hopes to:

  • Help advocates for adult education deepen analysis and thinking on possible alternative policies especially on adult education governance and financing, away from a minimalist/residual approach to adult learning
  • Assist adult education practitioners in setting guidelines or yardsticks from which to assess their own work - in the design, implementation, facilitation, evaluation and contributing to individual and social change
  • Contribute to building a more robust knowledge base on quality adult education, drawn from the very rich experience of NGOs and community educators in the Asia South Pacific.


invertedcomma.jpgASPBAE works closely with its members and partners to educate poor communities and raise awareness at the grassroots level about climate change.In many Asian countries, a significant portion of the population lives in low-lying areas or in dangerous hilly terrains. Floods, landslides, cyclones, and typhoons have devastated communities and left them with little to live by. While millions face grave natural disasters year in and year out, they are hardly aware of the causes, have no means to address the situation, and therefore are not consulted or heard in decision-making processes.

ASPBAE's work on climate change and education is part of a larger programme on Education for Sustainable Development, or ESD. Education for Sustainable Development is a larger framework of education which seeks to integrate values, principles and practices of development which address the social, economic, cultural, and environmental problems people face in the 21st century.

Through its work on climate change and education for sustainable development, ASPBAE aims to:

  • Widen the access of grassroots organizations to climate change and environmental education and trainings in the region
  • Offer a platform to discuss climate change adaptation, risk reduction, and disaster preparedness
  • Enable communities to engage with their governments to be better protected against disasters and to better manage their natural resources.
  • Build a network of environmental educators to be catalysts for change in their communities
  • Work with education planners and governments to anticipate the continued impact of the climate crisis on education systems so that the right of citizens to quality education access is not compromised.



To strengthen the advocacy and campaigning capacities of civil society organisations, especially in countries with severe education deficits, ASPBAE, the Africa Network Campaign on Education for All and the Global Campaign for Education launched the Real World Strategies (RWS) programme soon after the World Education Forum in Dakar, Senegal, in 2000. ASPBAE and its partners strongly believed rooting advocacy work in the real world of national and community level policy and governance processes would speed achieving the Education For All goals.

invertedcomma.jpgReal World Strategies and the Civil Society Education Fund are initiatives to strengthen national education campaign coalitionsRWS provides campaign and advocacy support to 10 coalitions in the Asia Pacific region. Through demand-driven, context-based and an on-the-job training approach, RWS enhances the ability of coalition partners to undertake advocacy and roll out effective campaigns for education for all.


The Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) is an initiative steered by the Global Campaign for Education. It aims to provide support to national education coalitions in Education For All Fast Track Initiative (FTI) countries and FTI eligible countries over a 2-3 year period. CSEF aims to enable countries to fully engage in developing education programmes with governments and donors and track the progress of national governments and local donors in working towards the Education For All goals. Steered regionally through three coalition partners of the Global Campaign for Education (ANCEFA in Africa, ASPBAE in Asia and CLADE in Latin America), it is envisaged that within the three years of this programme the foundations for greater financial sustainability of education advocacy work can be built in the countries.

As host of the CSEF Regional Secretariat, ASPBAE supports education campaign coalitions to develop robust, time-bound, realistic campaign and organization-building plans; translate them into credible proposals to submit to the CSEF Regional Funding Board; and track progress and provide demand-driven support to implement the plans.

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