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BLDC, is a significant learning event hosted by ASPBAE for its members.

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ASPBAE turns 50

ASPBAE's membership hold national consultations to debate the post-2015 education agenda

ASPBAE's members (national education coalitions) throughout the Asia Pacific have been holding national consultations to help widen the national debate on the post-2015 education agenda and contribute to the global processes defining a new consensus. It is envisaged that the issues, challenges, and demands arising from the consultations will feed into ASPBAE's policy asks at the World Education Forum to be held in Korea in 2015 and its preparatory processes. The national consultations are also being held as part of ASPBAE's 50th anniversary celebrations throughout this year. The following links are summaries of national consultations held so far within iASPBAE's membership in the Asia Pacific.

National Consultation - CAMPE, Bangladesh

National Consultation - Laya, India

National Consultation - DEAR, Japan

National Consultation - AFE Mongolia

National Consultation - NCE Nepal

National Consultation - Bunyad, Pakistan

National Consultation - PEAN, COESI, VEPAC - South Pacific

National Consultation - VCEFA, Vietnam

National Consultation - PCE Pakistan


ASPBAE turns 50

ASPBAE turns 50

ASPBAE celebrated its 50th birthday on 30 January 2014 in Manila, Philippines.
The event was held in collaboration with the Philippine Educational Theater 
Association (PETA) Theatre.


Photo Gallery

Reflection Seminar_for website.jpg

ASPBAE stalwarts come together for Reflection Seminar in Hong Kong

ASPBAE and dvv international jointly convened a one-day Reflection Seminar on 
21 November 2013 in Hong Kong bringing together 19 personalities who have 
all played an important part in ASPBAE's history.


The narrative across erasDaring to Grow - an era in picturesDaring to Change Course - an era in picturesDaring to Make a Difference - an era in pictures


ASPBAE launches 50th anniversary poster in Lao PDR

ASPBAE launches a poster commemorating its 50th anniversary. It was launched in Vientiane, Lao PDR, on 30 September 2013.



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