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Policy Advocacy








Our Objectives

invertedcomma.jpgEnhanced capacities of ASPBAE as a regional, membership-based organisation, equipped to optimise the national, regional, and global spaces offered by the SDGs and SDG4 policy processes to advance the right to quality basic, youth and adult education within a lifelong learning framework.


  • Increased abilities to press governments, donors, inter-governmental bodies, and financing institutions to strengthen public education systems that deliver better in securing the right of all to quality basic, youth and adult education within a lifelong learning framework, prioritising marginalised and vulnerable groups, through reinforced civil society engagement in education policy at all levels, leading to greater institutionalised spaces for civil society participation in public policy and decision-making processes.
  • Stronger fronts for coordinated civil society education advocacy actions; along with enhanced capacities of NGOs promoting quality youth and adult education provisioning, especially to vulnerable and marginalised youth and adults, in youth and adult education practice, informing public policy.
  • Wider linkages with other civil society networks and organisations fighting poverty, advancing social justice, gender equality, sustainable development and peace, and thereby securing stronger recognition of the critical role of education and learning in meeting all the SDGs.
  • An institutionally robust ASPBAE, able to offer a platform for exchange and learning of its members and civil society organisations working to advance the right to education and lifelong learning; as an advocate for the right to basic, youth and adult education and lifelong learning; and as a partner in leadership and capacitydevelopment of its members.

ASPBAE will meet these objectives through the pursuit of 4 core strategies –

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Leadership and Capacity Building
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Institutional Strengthening
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