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BLDC, is a significant learning event hosted by ASPBAE for its members.

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Coming Soon

We are laying out the foundation of new sections and will be available soon. Stay tuned.


Our Mission

ASPBAE seeks to build and strengthen an Asia-Pacific movement dedicated to advancing the right to relevant, quality and empowering basic education and learning opportunities for all.

As a long-standing regional civil society organization, ASPBAE seeks to make a contribution in:

  • Strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations, coalitions, institutions in the Asia Pacific region to more effectively promote the right of all to education and lifelong learning, especially advancing the interests of the most marginalized groups;
  • Building solidarity to more strongly and effectively pressure Southern governments, donors, multilateral aid agencies and international financing institutions to deliver on their commitments to education and adult learning and guarantee the right to education for all by 2015.
  • Enabling a strong Southern, Asia Pacific civil society voice in local, national and global education policy and development processes; and in international political, environmental, economic developments that impact profoundly on people in the South. In the era of globalization, decisions that bear on states and countries are increasingly dictated by global (commercial, geopolitical) interests: civil society organisations need regional and globally coordinated mechanisms to respond proactively and effectively to these.

invertedcomma.jpgASPBAE is committed to enhancing the role and contribution of adult education and learning in fighting poverty, empowering people towards creating a new global order which promotes equitable and sustainable human development, and upholds and protects the rights of all people to live in dignity and peace. ASPBAE seeks to ensure the recognition of the important role, contribution and importance of community groups, people's organisations, NGOs and other civil society organisations in education and development in the region; and their rightful place in policy development and decision-making.

Within the period 2009-2012, ASPBAE seeks to build:

  • Strong and vibrant civil society organizations promoting adult education in the region
  • Stronger civil society organizations and national coalitions for education advocacy in the region
  • Demanding for greater policy attention to adult education, promoting improvements in adult education legislation, plans and programmes and increased resource allocations.
  • Strong education campaign coalitions in the region meet their policy change targets in achieving education for all by 2015
  • An institutionally robust ASPBAE, functioning as a dynamic membership-based network, promoting transformative adult education and education for all in the region and globally.
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