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BLDC, is a significant learning event hosted by ASPBAE for its members.

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ASPBAE turns 50 in 2014!

Find out all about how ASPBAE is celebrating its 50th anniversary.




invertedcomma.jpgASPBAE's over-all goal is to secure equal access of all citizens to basic and adult education of good quality, contributing to poverty eradication, sustainable development, and lasting peace.ASPBAE is committed to ensuring that every individual receives their right to a good quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. Its members and partners work closely together to hold governments accountable for making education available, accessible, acceptable, and adaptable - free from all forms of exclusion and discrimination.

ASPBAE's fundamental purpose is to advance and defend the right of all people to learn and have equitable access to relevant and quality education that promotes gender justice, and to learning opportunities throughout their lives.

Unlocking women's potential

invertedcomma.jpgASPBAE aims to have a gender focus in all its policy work, programmes, and campaignsGender equality is an important component in all of ASPBAE's work. It calls for governments to ensure that women and girls equally enjoy their right to good quality education and lifelong-learning opportunities. It believes that relevant, meaningful, and well-rounded education, starting at the pre-primary level, will lay the foundation for girls and women to make informed choices and take greater control of their lives.

ASPBAE recognizes that gender equality in education is more than just getting girls into school. It is about developing basic skills and freedoms, liberation from discrimination and violence, guaranteeing equal opportunities, social change, and justice.

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